How to Collect
Horse Racing Memorabilia

Horse racing memorabilia is the perfect choice for collectors, as there is something for everyone. From the antique program worth thousands of dollars to a derby pin that you can buy for a buck, a bobblehead of Bob Baffert, even a horse racing card or julep glass of the kentucky derby winner.  There are plenty of items to start your collection and have something to treasure for years to come.

The Process:

1)  Select the type of memorabilia that you want to collect. Choices can include an autograph picture or race card, a derby glass or even a trophy. Paper postcards or race photographs are good choices if you want something inexpensive and easy to store but aficionados can collect awards to create a more valuable collection.

2)  Buy several inexpensive items such as bobble heads or race pins to start your collection and become familiar with the pricing and availability of different items. When you know what you can afford, make criteria such as a specific racehorse or particular derby that you are interested in to focus your collection.

3)  Increase the value of your memorabilia by adding rare and antique items such as a signed program or engraved plaque. Horse racing memorabilia is very hard to value as different items have different meaning to various people. General rules are that the older it is, the more valuable, but memorabilia from landmark races such as an anniversary or a well-known racehorse's numbered win will command a higher price.

4)  Complete any sets that you have started before swapping or selling any part of your collection. Complete sets, even made from inexpensive julep glasses or relatively recent derby cards will command a far better price than an individual item.

5)  Find other collectors of horse racing memorabilia by checking association websites or joining a club.  Get tips from enthusiasts about private collections or even events where you could find a celebrity jockey or trainer to sign your memorabilia.


Make sure your collection is covered under your insurance policy if it includes valuable trophies or rare limited edition items.